Rocky (ラクル, Rakuru) is one of the minor characters of Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2. He is one of the members of Gabriel's Wind Brigade group, as well as one of the his closest friends. He is a clumsy but industrious boy who follows orders when needed, but is naive. He also takes a liking to older ladies like Tatiana and Lynn (much to the protagonist's bewilderment).


  • Rocky is implied to be a natural at calligraphy, shown when the player does a comical sidequest and Orin's fangirl mistakes the signature the former gave to the player to be the latter's writing.
  • Kara states that Rocky is good at singing and this said talent is why the Wind Brigade earned many of its other members. This is shown in-game, when he sang a lullaby to effectively calm the rampaging Summon Beasts down at the Wind Brigade headquarters when Borgim went on a rampage.

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