Sapureth (サプレス)


Spirits, Demons, Angels
Spirit World
Main powers
Demon Lord
spiritually based as well as having the use of magic

Sapureth is one of the 4 worlds that are linked with Lyndbaum, it is the main focus in the first game and continues to be explored in the sequels.


Sapureth is more like a mix of Heaven and Hell in the same world. There are different territories, each with different rulers. Until now, only one of the leaders was featured in a game.


This world is filled with spiritual beings. They are existences made of pure Mana, without bodies of their own, but, during the Summon ritual, a body of flesh and bones is materialized for them through the powers of Mana. The higher the level of Mana is, the closer to a Angel or Demon form the body will be. These physical bodies consume a lot of energy, and for this reason, it's normal for them to rest during the day and work only during the night, where the Mana from the Moon can provide support for them. They possess great intelligence and incredible magical capabilities. That is why it's normal for angels to become mages, while demons are usually turned into excellent magical warriors.

Culture and Technology

Since every single being born in Sapureth is able to use magic, their technology is all based around the use of spells to solve their problems and needs, which comes without telling that there is no need for tools, machines or hand-made works, since they don't have physical bodies. While Angels love to increase the purity of their souls, Demons prefers negative emotions like hate and sadness. Therefore, these two races are natural born enemies and their conflicts would last for a eternity. Demons have a special interest for chaos, and for this reason, they are always planning invasions. They were the main force behind the invasions in Lyndbaum and Meatropa during the Summoning Wars. It seems that those from Sapureth are also able to use unknown powers, like “Miracles”, but there aren’t enough details.


  • In Summon Night: Sword Craft Story 2 it was proven an entity that is both a Devil and also an Angel is possible as shown with Dinah