Saver (セイバー, Seibā)


Place of Origin
Lyndbaum, Forsaken Island
Super physical abilities, incredible Mana levels, eternal youth
Notable Members
Rexx, Aty, Nup, Belfraw, Alieze, Will

Saver or Bakkensha (抜剣者, something like "keeper swordman) is the title given to the main character in Summon Night 3.


When the protagonist receives the sword Wistalias from Wizell Caliburn, his friends start to use this title when mentioning him. The meaning behind this title is that, using the magical sword without being corrupted by it, the character can control and protect everyone and everything in the island. Later, this title is also given to his student who became the new user of the repaired Crissles (now called Fowyardia). The holder of this title is basically the island's “boss” and the leader of the protectors.

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