Savorle City (セイヴァール市)


Multidimensional Community
Every different race in the Summon Night universe.

Savorle City (セイヴァール市, seibaaru shi) also known as “Savorle, the Multidimensional Community” (界境都市・セイヴァール) is a city in the Astreiz Era of the Summon Night series.


A city where many tribes and races from many different worlds co-exist. People from different worlds established their own suburbs, but they share their knowledge and cultures with each others, without any discrimination between them. Thanks to the Lail clan’s technology being made public, many facilities were built for the sake of public welfare. These are the reasons why this city came to be known as the most advanced city in Lyndbaum (both technologically and culturally wise). At present, it is said that this is the ideal city.

There is a giant mountain next to the city where Nagimiya – a city from the Nameless World - is located. The mountain’s shadow is cast above Savorle, as an effect, it’s always “night” in most parts of Savorle. The people from Nagimiya were one of the main parties responsible for Savorle's creation and as such, their culture has a great influence over the city, like their 7 days 24 hours time format for example.


Since there are many different types of people living on Savorle, with many influencial people from different places at the same place, it's no wonder that this city is home for many important organizations such as the Association of Pacts. The City is also heavily protected by special force like the Silvalier or the Eucross Bureau. Of course, there are many places to relax, the Café & Bar "Alongside the Stars" being a good example.

Other than the Earth looking streets normally found on the main part of the city, there is also many districts with tottaly different atmospheres. Those places were made to give the feeling of the many different worlds connected with Lyndbaum. Therefore, anyone from any race or tribe can find a place to live comfortably in Lyndbaum. Those districts are very similar to the locations found in the Forsaken Island from Summon Night 3. This is probably related to the fact Rexx/Aty were one of the city's founders and designer.


  • The name of the city could have come from Rexx & Aty’s title: Saver.
  • The song "リィンバウム/理想郷" or "Lyndbaum/Utopia" that was featured as the Gallery theme in the remaked versions of Summon Night 3 and 4 could be an allusion to this city, as it is considered an ideal (utopia) and is the most advanced in Lyndbaum.


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