Savorle Resonance School(セイヴァール響界学園


Lyndbaum, Savorle City
Every different race in the Summon Night universe.

Savorle Resonance School(セイヴァール響界学園, seivuaaru kyokai gakuen) is a location existing in the Astreiz Era of the Summon Night universe.


This is an enormous school created at the same time Savorle city was built. It’s frequented by people from every world connected with Lyndbaum and they are always welcoming people who want to learn about the different worlds. It’s in this peculiar environment that students form new contracts and become the resonance of soul known as Cross. This away, many students end up becoming new summoners, for this reason, after their graduation, most students go to work in 3 different places: the Eucross, the Silvalier Knights or in one of the Association of Pacts stations. This school truly has become an excellent center for human resource.


  • There are many legends centered around the school’s principal.
  • Rexx or Aty are suspected to be this legendary principal.
  • The school and city name could have come from Rexx & Aty’s title: Saver.
  • In the Great Principal's room there is a painting of the Blue Sky Classroom from Summon Night 3


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