Shartos, Green Miracle (シャルトス, 碧の賢帝)


Created by
Unknown (someone in the Colorless Faction
Used by
Hainel, Summon Night 3 protagonist
Regeneration, Physical and Magical Boost, Control Krips

Shartos is a special weapon found in Summon Night 3.


Shartos (Green Miracle)

It was one of the two swords forged to control the Island installments. It was forged using the knowledge from the King of Elgo. It was to be a replica to the Sword of Youth used by the King of Elgo. The project original plan was to use the combined technology from all the 5 worlds to create a connection to the Elgo and control it. This technology is called “Krips” and the two magic sword were to be used only as control devices. If this plan was a success, the user would simply become a god capable to control everything in all 5 worlds. But was not to be, as even Hainel - Shartos most suitable user - couldn’t stand all that power and had his soul corrupted, becoming a anti version of the Elgo called DE-Elgo. Shartos is where Hainel was sealed and, as such, whenever the main character use the sword’s power, DE-Elgo come closer from be released. During the Karma ending, the conscious of DE-Elgo takes over the protagonist body creating a being extremely powerful, but without control.

Wistalias (Infinity Blue)

During a event in the game, the two swords face it others and Shartos get broken. However, She is revived by Wizell Caliburn, who is able to fix the sword to she could keep all her powers without being corrupted by the will of the De-Elgo.


When activated, It releases a very strong green light (When it becomes Wistalias, this changes to blue). The light spread through the user’s arm like it actually becomes one with the user’s body. The user get white skin and hair, green eyes, long beast-like ears and a pointy wheel. The user becomes almost immortal, every damage he receives is instantly cured by The great flow of Mana in the sword. All Physical Attributes get boosted and the user is able to cast stronger Summons. He is also able to shot a very strong explosion of Mana.


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