Silvalier Knights (シルヴァリエ)


Members Race
mostly humans
Place of Origin
Notable Members
Yeng-hua, Abert

Silvalier Knights (シルヴァリエ, shiruvarie), also known as "Police Knight" (警察騎士団, keisatsu kishidan) is the name of a group from the Astreiz Era of Summon Night 5.


An organization created after the World Warp War. Even in the beginning of a new era, the world were on chaos. During this time, many organizations like the Eucross and the Association of Pacts were made to guide the people of this new world. Silvalier was one of the most important ones to be created. Different from the knight of old times, they are not a group of nobles and were not created to protect the nobility. Their main job is to protect the peaceful lives of any citizens. Following the examples and ideals of the “Freedom Knights” from the past. Their founders were volunteer soldiers who survived the war and only wanted to help other people, without asking any compensation for it. Nowadays their work has expanded though the world and they act like a kind of “world police”.

Fighting Style

Different from the Summoners from Eucross, the Silvalier don't rely on Cross. They use weapons made by Meisters instead. By using the word of vows inscribed in those weapons, they also can use special power during their missions.


  • This name is probably a play with the words "Silver" and "chevalier".


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