Staff of Memories (思い出の杖)
Created By
Unknown angel
Used By
Manemane, Protagonist's Cross, Nejiya
Restore Memories, Steal memories to convert it into Mana.

Staff of Memories (思い出の杖, omoide no tsue) is a magical artifact from Summon Night 5.


A magical staff created by an angel to cure his memory problems. By focusing Mana in it, a powerful magic is released, restoring any recollection of events lived by the user. There is also a secret method of using the staff by doing the reverse process, the user can drain memories from a person and convert it into Mana. By doing this the user can obtain incredible powers. Even though its main purpose is only memories restoration, the staff is classified as a tool for curses, thus it is kept safe by the leaders of the community in the Crystal Forest.

In The Game

It is stolen by a weak demon called Nejiya during chapter 02. The demon used the staff alternative fuction to become stronger. However, his plan were foiled by the main party.

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