Stone of the Everlasting Night(常夜の石)


Used by
Leonus and Ainna
Creates a tiny spiritual world where souls can talk privately

The Stone of the Everlasting Night(常夜の石, tokoyo no ishi) is a artifact from Summon Night Ex-These: Yoake no Tsubasa.


A magical stone given by Fighfar to Leonus & Ainna. Since they use the same body, only by using this artifact that they are able to talk directly with each other. Their consciousnesses are transported into this artifact where they can coexist as a spiritual projection. Inside the artifact lies a tiny artificial space with a garden, a lake and even a house. It’s notable that inside this space it’s always night time, the opposite from the Boundary of Worlds. When Leonus & Ainna get inside the artifact, their clothes change to a black attire without armor, probably so they could feel more comfortable and relaxed.


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