Summon Cluster (サモンクラスタ)

Summon Cluster

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The Summon Cluster (サモンクラスタ, samon kurasuta) or Friend Summon (召喚盟友, shoukan meiyu) is a technique existing in the Astreiz Era of the Summon Night universe.   

– Disclaimer –

This article content is done through a deep analysis of events and elements in the game. However, none of the following information are directly confirmed as true by the creators and are subject to changes given any official material that contradicts it.


According to the information given by the Manager, The Summon Cluster is a ability to call those who wish to help a summoner. When someone give a type of "ID code" to the Eucross Bureau, the summoner is becomes able to summoning this someone at any given time, only needing a centain amount of Mana for activation. However, many are the complications existing to do this process, as a result, the one summoned has a very short amount of time to help, normaly the enough to execute one single attack, but since they tend to be very powerful allies, those single attacks peer summoning can be very helpful during though situations for a summoner.


The true nature of this technique is still unknown. It seems that it could be something executed through Loreilal's technology, since a ID code is necessary for it to be possible, and only registered creatures can be summoned. This could mean that the Summoning process is actually a Teleportation done my machines in the Eucros HQ. In past entries in the series, it was seeing that Loreilal already has this technology for a long time, so this is very possible. However, seeing how even low-class criminals can also use this technique, this possibility seems a bit unlikely (Unless this was merely something that the creators add to make the game more difficult and fun, even if it doesn't make sense with the setting).

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