Summon Equip (召喚武装)

Summon Equip

Created by
Wordein Family
Notable Users
Lowsso Wordein
No information

Summon Equip (召喚武装, Shoukan Busou) A technique appearing only in the Light Novel "Summon Night 2 ~ My One And Only Prince".


This is a secret technique created by the Wordein family. It lets a summon to get attached to the body of its summoner. During this state, both share a link where their share their intentions to a certain extent. This lets the summoner attack with a precise reaction from his summon. By using this ability, even weak summons could become a threat, since its attacks could be launched at the enemy without any delay. Other advantage is that this technique fix one of the greatest weakness of a summoner: Him/Herself, since a summoner let's the body open to attacks. By using this technique, the Summon is always prepared to protect the summoner with its own body, if it needs to. This technique is like a prototype of the Cross technique used in the Astreiz Era.

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