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Welcome to Summon Night Wiki!

Summon Night is a Strategy RPG series with hundreds of different characters, epic battles, romantic scenes, and touching music. The series was developed by Flight Plan and published by Banpresto. Currently the series is being developed by FELISTELLA, though Media.Vision will be taking the lead development role for Summon Night 6. Atlus does all the localizations for the few games that actually make the trip to the States. Many fans have been able to write crossovers and stories about these, and add a few fun facts of their own about these characters and games. You are free to add more to this community as well.

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Games in the series by order of release date

If you are new to this wikia feel free to say hi in the community or in the forums. Please feel welcome to use any of the info listed here in this wikia, and that everyone must treat each other with respect. Remember if you see an error feel free to make a correction to it. Have a nice day everyone!~

Fans Central

This is where everyone can post their fanart, fanfictions, and such!


What should the next Summon Night game be like?

The poll was created at 19:07 on June 29, 2013, and so far 541 people voted.

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