Thus (テュス, Tyusu) is one of the minor characters of Summon Night: Craft Sword Monogatari Hajimari no Ishi. He is Roche's husband, and both run the local in of a town neighboring the protagonist's town. Tier is their daughter, and while both parents raise her they also have problems with her greedy and money-seeking attitude, resulting to them being extremely humble and prone to apologizing to people for the things Tier has done. Nonetheless, they understand why Tier acts this way and love her as she is.

However, while Thus takes upon the apperance of a meekly kind man, he tends to strongly scold Tier whenever she does something that upsets the couple.


  • When the player visits Tier on a Night Walk before Day 10, goes with her to her town and defeat her in a battle, the latter cries for the first and only time in the game; Roche and Thus (who witnessed the battle) surprisingly bow down to the player.

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