Tier (ティエ, Tie) is one of the supporting characters of Summon Night: Craft Sword Monogatari Hajimari no Ishi. She is the only child of the local innkeepers of a town neighboring the protagonist's town, and is an ambitious child who will do anything for money. She also has an unrecruited yet immature affection for the player (a reason why she squabbles with Murno over a part of the plot, out of jealousy). She also (unsuccessfully) tries to woo Jade in a flirty way in hopes of getting paid.

On the the third day of the game she debuts as a young girl who forces the player to pay 200 boam to pass through the cave. Failure to comply to the bargain will disable the player from advancing through the game until they pay her.


  • The reason why Tier is so interested in money and opportunities to earn it is because she wants to help her parents, who have financial problems in running their inn-keeping business.
  • If one plays as Ritchburn, they can unlock a hilarious extra easter egg of Murno slapping him for the second time after jumping to conclusions that Tier and Ritchburn have affections for each other.
  • When the player visits Tier on a Night Walk before Day 10, goes with her to her town and defeat her in a battle, the latter cries for the first and only time in the game; Roche and Thus (who witnessed the battle) surprisingly bow down to the player.

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