Varil is a young male Craftknight from Summon Night: Swordcraft Story and acts as one of the 3 main rivals along with Sanary and Razzy.


Varil is the heir of the Gold Guild. Although he is called a genius child and considers himself above most people, his arrogance hasn't reached the level where he refuses to admit he can make mistakes, even implying that you're better the him more than once, though he is the one claiming that the two of you are rivals.



Varil first appears as one of the arrogant participants at the opening ceremony, the other being Sanary. You will face him on day 3 before your battle with Kenon. Here, he has an HP of 230 and Weapon Endurance of 75. He will be using Varil's Spear. After your match with Kenon, he will declare you as his rival. That day will end and he will be added to the list of people you can talk with at night. He is supposed to be your opponent on the finals, however, it will be cut and you won't have to fight him for the second time, henceforth, his HP and Weapon Durability isn't known at that point. On the aftermath, he is your last opponent in the Exhibition Match.




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