Verdegruion (ヴェルディグリオン)
Created by
Used by
Rexx or Aty

Verdegruion (ヴェルディグリオン, vuerudeigurion) is a magical sword that appears in Summon Night 5. It is also known as The Far Green Breath (翠遠の息吹, suien no ubuki).


Little is known about this sword. It makes a brief appearance during the main plot of Summon Night 5, where it is fused with Wistalias and Fowyardia to form Branryuzell. There are no informations about its unique abilities or origin, but it is possible that this is a reborned form of the light-novel-only Barbarya. Even if the color of their light are completely different (Barbarya having a purple light), since Wistalias once had a green light, but it changed to blue after it was fixed by Wizell, it is possible. Barbarya was also destroyed at the end of the novel, and It is unlikely that Wizell would travel once again to the island to fix it. It would be difficult for the heroes to find him. Not to mention he was part of the Colorless Faction. By the time Wizell left the organization, he decided to keep himself far from other people to never make new weapons of death again. Therafore, becoming even more unlikely for him to be the responsible for this sword.

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