Water Mirror Sword (水鏡の魔剣)


Unknown (probably from the Fairy dimension)
Created by
Used By
Cut though anything and transform the target into anything the user wishes.

Water Mirror Sword (水鏡の魔剣, mizukagami no maken) is a special artifact from Summon Night 4.


This is the magic sword used to save Gian at the secret end. The original purpose for this weapon was probably to kill Gian. Since Kentarou was unable to kill him with regular methods he needed the power to destroy even those that should be immortal. With this sword abilities, he would have being able to do it easily, however, the scene he saw when he finally reached the main party convinced him the sword should be used to save him instead. This sword origin is completely unknown, but seeing how everything Kentarou uses to fight actually came from his High Fairy wife’s abilities, this sword may be no different. Even its design is very “fairytale-like”.


This sword was not fully explained, but it can basically cut through anything and them manipulate its target mass and soul. This means she can technically be used to resurrect, fix or cure anything and anyone. Even Liviel question this power by says it’s an absurd. However, When trying to use it for something complicated, a great deal of Mana power and concentration is needed for it to succeed.


  • The way this sword came from nowhere close to the end, it can be classified as a Deus Ex Machina to make a Gian ending possible.
  • In the PS2 version, nobody knew how this sword looked like, since there was no CG event for it.
  • Obviously, this sword cannot be obtained in the actual gameplay, but maybe this was not the original plan. There are a bunch of unused swords hidden in the game’s files, majority of them are stronger them any normally available weapon, but have no name. Maybe one of those could be it.
  • This sword powers can be compared to Jojo Bizarre Adventure’s Crazy Diamond, since both effects are very similar.

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