Weredragons (亜竜, Aryu)

SN2-Were Dragons

Maetropa, Silturn
Super physical capabilities
Notable Members
Silveaner, Sei-Long

Weredragons (亜竜, aryu) is a creature in the Summon Night series.


Weredragons are a type of dragons most commonly found in Maetropa, but also exist in Silturn. Pratically any dragon that is not from the “Solstice” race is Weredragon. Weredragons are those that have obtained the body or physical capabilities of a Solstice Dragon, but were not able to obtain its magic powers. Therefore, some may call them “half-assed”. Sometimes, they are even described as “those who failed to become a Solstice Dragon”, even being technically true, this description is very rude, especially because, like this, they could be mistaken for a Fallen Dragon.

In The Game

The most common known Weredragon is probably the giant beast-like ones. But there are human types as well, Sei Long being a good example to this.

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