Zagard (ザガルド)


Crimson Glove Member, Assassin
Crimson Gloves

Zagard (ザガルド, zagarudo) is a character that appeared only in the light novel "Summon Night ~ To The Place Where You Should Return".


Zegard can be pretty merciless ehen doing his job, but it's not like he was a blood thirsty monster. He has his own honor and pride as a professional and will not risk his life if there is no payment. He will never fight in a battle he judges as being impossible.


Zagard is one of the top members in the Crimson Gloves. He was partners with Stout once. While Stout left to become a member of the Acute, he stayed and raised in the ranks.


He gets hired by Gibun - one of the sons of the famous Wordein family. Since it seemed like a big job, he called many others of his lackeys. His job was just to kidnap some child from the Mahn family. Normaly his organization would refuse any silly looking job, especially if it wasn't a assassination, but they were having difficult times, so they needed the money. Zagard was susseful in capturing the girl, but her friends soon came to rescue her. Much to his surprise, Stout was amoung them. They had a new duel after a long time, and Stout was having the lead by using the Gibun's Summon's ability to cause hallucinations to his advantage. However, The Mahn child was able to escape with the help of a Giant Wyvern she summoned. Using the Wyvern's powers, the hallucination gas was erased, giving Stout the opportunity to defeat his old partner. Zagard accepted his lost and lefted the place with his men. He and Stout never met again.

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