Zinzelah (ジンゼルア)


Eucross Bureau
Lyndbaum, Savorle City
Voice Actor
Ootomo Ryuzaburou

"I just read the reports. It seems you played a very active role in the last mission"

— Zinzelah

Zinzelah (ジンゼルア) is a NPC character from Summon Night 5.


He is seem by most as a calm person. He really enjoys tea. When he is not working, he usually take a tea break on his room. It's only during his tea time that he seems like a old man.


Zinzelah is Eucross supreme commander. The leader of all registered summoners and the Top Ranker in the Bureau. He is already of a quite old age, but thanks to his strong presence and composure, the people around him can't tell his age. Like all the past Eucross leaders before him, he made can summon the powers of the legendary Thousand Eyes Dragon. He wrongly affirms that the dragon is his Cross, but this would be impossible given how a Cross pact works and all the theme surrounding it. It is unknown if he just lied about it for some reason or if this is merely a plot hole.


For most of the main events in the 5th game, Zinzelah does very little. He mostly stays in his room to receiv reports of the missions done by the main party. It's only when the heroes decide to use a special function in the Eucross HQ to revive the past of Erst's resonance stone, that Zinzelah makes a foreshadowing appearance. He tells that he must be present as a witness for everytime this resource is used, because this is how "He" would want it. Later he reveals that "He" refers to the Thousand Eyes Dragon, and that the resouce to see the past is actually one of his abilities, that is possible because the dragon has always been watching over the people of the whole world through his many eyes. Zinzelah says that the dragon is sleeping in the moon ever since he restoured Lyndbaum, but the dragon is so powerful that it's still possible to use a fraction of his powers even though he is unconscious. Zinzelah do so to send the main party to the moon so they could face off against a army of Nether Beasts in a decisive battle.

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